Backer rewards

Hello, I backed the game way back in July 2015 and I would like to receive my in game rewards for this. I backed at the POWER GAMER bundle. It would be great if you could grant me the items and backer title.
I can provide my contribution ID.
Thank you.

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Did you ever log in to the backer panel? That was the only way to get your rewards and that’s long since been closed.

Unfortunately, unless there’s a special circumstance (such as a wrongly inputted information, or formal name changes), you can no longer redeem your backer digital items at this time.

The reward claiming period closed back in 2016 (5 years ago). We allocated a set of time to handle digital rewards and the process is manually done, which is why we had a claiming period and sent off several reminder emails.

With that said, I’ll need both your contribution ID and Steam ID to manually add you. Please email or DM me that information.

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