Backer rewards tradable?

Will they be? Im so upset I missed out on those sweet rewards like SPEED boots and ICE particles like omf-…

I was a donator back on gmt also and kind of obsessive over item collection too.

If not, will there at least be similar items available?

I don’t think that they will be tradable seeing as it would remove the exclusivity of the item and it wouldn’t really be a ‘backer’ item. But I’m not a backer or a source of authority here so I can’t really say.

I’m pretty sure they strictly confirmed that those would not be tradable at all, if you think about it, that kind of ruins the whole special feeling of being a baker if the items would pretty much end up going from hand to hand. :confused:

Yeah, backer rewards can not be traded.

I don’t see how. They’re still rare and valuable, its not like any more are going to exist because they get traded about.

But then they are no longer backer exclusive items, and that’s the whole point of them.

ughghgh i want to legit die right now because you’re right