Backer Reward Lockout. I feel Scammed

Hello, I backed Tower Unite along time ago on indie gogo. I sadly after the fact lost access to my email. When I got it back I found that, yes my steam account was linked but I was very well, sad to find out that our backer in-game rewards where locked. Is there any way what so ever to get my items? I love you guys but this has really put me off on playing your game…

I think other people have had this problem before, but couldn’t get the items.

If you linked your Steam account by the deadline, you should already be set to go for the items. The custom rewards are locked as we finalized them for the game over a year ago.

Did you send us an email about your loss of backer email access?

What rewards are you talking about specifically? I can update credit names easily, but not everything else.


My custom reward was submitted but my steam account was not linked before December 2015

Plus while pledging it asked for my steam name so I never realized it had tot be linked in the first place.


Please don’t bump your threads like that. We don’t work on the weekends, which is why I haven’t made another reply, sorry.

As for your account, we sent out 2 emails and an Indiegogo notice about linking the accounts by the December 2015 deadline. We also extended the deadline for a couple weeks.

Unfortunately, we can not give out any more rewards.
We set a time window for people to submit their details for backer rewards and you missed it.
This time window was allocated development time, we were working solely on rewards for that time period.

In order to continue fulfilling rewards, we’d need to stop working on the game and open everything back up, and we just can’t do that. We cannot continue to fulfill rewards, we’ve locked everything in.

Please understand that this isn’t a position we necessarily want to be in. We just don’t have a dedicated “rewards guy” who enters rewards into the system.

I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience caused by us not being clear about this. Entering new rewards is more complicated than we initially expressed, and we don’t have time to do it.

Understand that having a limited window for rewards is well within normal crowd-funding practices. At some point during a project the proprietors of said project need to be able to focus fully on their work without having to worry about backer fulfillment.

Working on Tower Unite is our full-time priority and we cannot devote any time to backer fulfillment.
We thank you very much for your pledge and hope you enjoy Tower Unite.

Sorry for bumping. And I do understand your position, as I stated before my email was locked before I could input my requests. In the end, it was good money spent.

I hope you in the future find time to continue fulfilling pledges but I know that will not be anytime soon by a long shot!

But if I am to ask anything of you from now it would be, How did you start game development and how did you learn your craft?

I thank you for the quick responses, and I hope over time this predicament of outlook being mean and locking my accounts for no reason, to be resolved.

I have always looked up to you since Garry’s mod and I hope to for a long time after.

Happy game developing!!!


Who knows, with the Tower Unite website rewrite, we might have a backer link system built into that (but I wouldn’t hold your breath for it).

I personally started game development by modding games and surrounding myself with good people who knew way more than I do.

Thank you!

I look forward to the future!