Backer plaque and trophy

Hi, I backed this game back in 2015 and I haven’t gotten the golden backer trophy and I haven’t seen my name anywhere in the plaza? I just want to show that I backed the game to my friends and made this game possible even if it was $15. XD

Did you sign up for the backer rank thingy they did awhile? There was a backer panel you had to fill out to prove you were a backer and they would give you your rewards, it was for a limited time and currently can’t fill it out. There was a deadline in December 2015 and you had to fill it out before that deadline.


Yeah, disregard I didn’t realize that there was a plaque wall and the logo for tower unite was the trophy.

Macdguy did say in a post before he MAY bring back the application for those who didn’t do it for a limited time.

This was a post form Macdguy back in 2017, he did say they may bring it back in the future but I’m not sure if they went ahead with it.