Backer Items

(I posted this on the Steam General Discussions for TU, and someone told me to post it here so this is basically just a copy paste)

I’ve noticed that I don’t have any of the backer items, even though I did back the game and the name I used to back it is even in the credits. So I’m wondering why I don’t have any of the items I was supposed to get. I even have the lobby 1/2 plates and classic trophies.

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What tier did you back? You may already have everything

The $20 Enthusiast one. I should have a backer trophy, the speed shoes, and backer tag on my username in-game.

Ah, yeah, that’s weird then. I’m sure one of the devs will step in and fix it.

Did you link your Steam account on your backer page by the deadline? It wasn’t an automatic process.


Hmm, okay I really just found out about how you were supposed to link your Steam and backer acct. I thought it’d just automatically do it when I transfered my GMT stuff to TU, though thinking about it now, it doesn’t make that much sense lol. Well, is there anything that can be done now?

I also had the same issue of forgetting to link my account when backing, im not too keen on the items but it be nice if i could get them

If you need my backer name its Djej god of pans

I wish I knew about linking the two accounts when it mattered, I feel really bad about wasting everyones time but if there’s anything that can be done, I’d really appreciate it :wink: