Backer Access

So I backed Tower Unite back when I first saw it (cause it looked awesome) I have my backer access key and I have the game on steam but it says my steam isn’t linked to my reward panel. I also don’t have a backer tag or any of my rewards in game. I used to but after an update they disappeared. I’ve tried emailing but I haven’t ever gotten a reply.
I activated my rewards in August '15 so it was before the deadline. I just wanna know why my backer stuff was taken away from me.


Still never got an answer on this. I have a lot of friends playing now so I want to get back into the game but it seriously sucks that I don’t have backer rewards when I spent a lot to first back the game. My gamer tag from back then is even on the plaque in the lobby, but I don’t have any of the rewards.