Backend doesn't like big transactions

Whenever I try to buy more than like, 5 of anything from any store, I’ll get a “transaction failed” message that says I have disconnected from the backend. Pressing ESC to check my connection seems to refresh it, and it always reconnects after that until I try to buy something else.

This also happens in the appearance screen, when trying to select appearance items to wear. In this case it takes me many tries to reconnect, sometimes having to restart the game or sometimes steam entirely. This has been a problem since I could remember. Just never made a post about it before.

My internet is slower than average, but these little drops in connection only happen in TU. I’m wondering if maybe my speed just falls a little too short of being able to take on the constant heavy data transfer going on in TU.


What would your internet speed happen to be? I have internet that is quite slow, but usually don’t have these issues too often.

We are actively investigating the transaction failed issues. Thank you for the detailed report.

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Thanks mac. If it helps, my speed is < 5 Mbps

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