Awww, rejected

Guess I’m not allowed to give out easy quiz scores. :smile_cat:


That’s easy one… TRUE!!!

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Woah didn’t know Donald was that old.

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Got two questions rejected

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My question was intentionally as ridiculous as remotely possible to make it obviously easy, your 7989 I can’t understand but I really wonder why your 7991 was rejected… :thinking:

Mind sharing the answers?

(Deleted post listing only the correct answers to the questions)

That I can look up, I meant the choices you gave.

(Deleted post showing his unverified questions page 1 for some reason)

I am asking what choices you gave as possible true or false answers to your rejected questions you listed before so I can make an educated guess of the reason they were rejected.

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I don’t know what are you talking about. :confused:

That’s some nostalgia right there


He’s literally just asking what you put for answers to the Oggy question?

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Jean-Yves Raimbaud (this answer)
Marc du Pontavice
Olivier Jean-Marie
All of the above (or none of the above)

Huh. Yeah, there’s no reason that should’ve been rejected.

@Caboose700 would you care to give some insight?

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