Awww, rejected

Guess I’m not allowed to give out easy quiz scores. :smile_cat:


That’s easy one… TRUE!!!

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Woah didn’t know Donald was that old.

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Got two questions rejected

For no reason


My question was intentionally as ridiculous as remotely possible to make it obviously easy, your 7989 I can’t understand but I really wonder why your 7991 was rejected… :thinking:

Mind sharing the answers?

(Deleted post listing only the correct answers to the questions)

That I can look up, I meant the choices you gave.

(Deleted post showing his unverified questions page 1 for some reason)

I am asking what choices you gave as possible true or false answers to your rejected questions you listed before so I can make an educated guess of the reason they were rejected.

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I don’t know what are you talking about. :confused:

That’s some nostalgia right there


He’s literally just asking what you put for answers to the Oggy question?

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Jean-Yves Raimbaud (this answer)
Marc du Pontavice
Olivier Jean-Marie
All of the above (or none of the above)

Huh. Yeah, there’s no reason that should’ve been rejected.

@Caboose700 would you care to give some insight?

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Man, got more questions rejected…

I’m really curious as to what you put for the correct answer to the nintendo question, since they rejected it for being wrong.

My Jean Cocteau question was rejected for a missing punctuation.
How did I screw my grammar over?

My Mick Ono question was rejected for being too specific. Is PixelTail Games got infected by the racism virus (not to be specific with the Asain-Americian) or something? I know the furries are become irreverent due to the anti-furry movement, but it needs to stop growing from left and right. No matter what I’ve seen on the internet.

My monster cereal question got rejected by telling that it must be in the form of a question. I’ve seen the commercial on YouTube, and the answer was basically what the Fruity Yummy Mummy saying his catchphrase.

My Tower Unite question was rejected because they do not allow answers related to their own game, because Tower Unite is the successor to GMod Tower.

The answer for the plagiarized Oscar nomination is definitely Zootopia, because I checked the Wikipedia page once, and know the answer to this question I made. So, why bother rejecting it for no reason?

Lastly, the Dark Horse’s The Mask and the Monopoly questions got rejected for asking me to required more specific source to my question.

If you guys see something missing or I was not in the middle of my brain, please let me know in reply.

We can see why they were rejected in the pictures. The only thing you didn’t mention was the only thing I asked. The answer to the Super Nintendo question

The answer for the question you asked is the Super Nintendo CD-ROM Adapter, before becoming the Sony PlayStation.

I checked the Wikipedia page, and this is the only answer I chose.

Well, there’s your problem. It’s actually called the Super NES CD-ROM System.