So, quick and simple.

How will the awards system work in Tower Unite? Will they be integrated with the Steam API? Will there be more than 8 (or was it 6, I can’t remember) per game-mode. Will they all still give 500 Units (or equivalent)? So many questions.

Thanks for any and all answers!

I think it would be awesome to be rewarded with a bit more Units. Aren’t Units more expensive than Gmt currency, or the other way around?

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This needs to be answered, it’s a big and important question. Also, will certain awards be available to earn multiple times? Like, for example, playing game worlds for an hour with 2 or more friends in game with you. X Units, earn able multiple times.


Considering that there’s a trophy backer Item, Im going to go out on a limb and say absolutely

Alright, so this is a list of questions needing to be answered (@macdguy)

  1. Do awards exist in TU?
  2. If so, will they have Steam API Achievement Integration?
  3. Will the awards be limited to a specific reward amount of Units? (like how GMT awards usually gave 500 GMC)
  4. Will milestones return?
  5. If so, will milestone items be added?
  6. Will milestone items from GMT carry over into TU?
  7. Will there be hidden awards?
  8. Will there be trophies we’ll be able to place in our condo?
  9. Will awards be available to earn multiple times?

Thanks for answering!

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  1. Yes, as Steam Achievements
  2. Yes
  3. They will not award units
  4. Yes, but after Early Access as we need to fine tune authentication for them
  5. Yes
  6. No
  7. Not that I know of
  8. Yes
  9. No

Awards so hidden even the developers don’t know about them.