Award half points if within ally range and/or if zombie was damaged


As it stands, ZM is a bit competitive in the wrong way. If you don’t get those points before the Survivors and Mercenaries, you’ll suffer from a lack of upgrades to keep up with them mowing everything down. Plus there’s the Unit payout for points, which at least half of the people (Myself included) go to for if there’s no one around for Ball Race or anything else.

Sparing some points while staying near those slaying and/or helping assist damage zombies but not kill can help make this a bit more fair and ensure your (Rarely picked) Doctors and Electricians can keep assisting the team to stay alive, while they still are earning a fair share of Units playing with others.

Naturally a difficulty increase would be necessary to look into for this kind of supposed change, but I feel it’ll make people less inclined to solo for Units compared to playing with other people, like how TU was designed for in the first place. :slight_smile:


I’m not exactly a fan of the ‘paticipation award’-esque idea of getting half points within a range, but I’m definitely down for the ‘zombie was damaged’ part.


I agree with Terry.