Avoid Duplicate Plaza Minigames

Me and another friend spent at least three hours today waiting for Chainsaw Battle to show up as a Plaza Minigame. During that period, Fruit Frenzy and Balloon Shoot repeated at least twice or thrice without Chainsaw Battle showing up a single time. Even if we were idling for the most time just waiting for the event sound, it was still slightly disappointing to us as we wanted to experience both new plaza minigames at least once.

It’d be great if there was fixed event rotation, or a system where Plaza Minigames don’t repeat until all single events have happened at least once, even if the order of the events themselves is random. I think it’d make for a more comfortable experience when the game updates and you just want to experience the new content, especially if it’s plaza-related, as with Game World Map releases, you can just open a room with that map straight away!

I think having a schedule on the Tower Unite website when it gets updated would be great