Avatar shop

Id like to see an avatar shop in the game. I think Gmod tower had this yet tower unite never did? The avatars can vary in price and can be sold either at the lighthouse or the hat and glasses shop. A few avatars i can see being added is katalina, some of the shopkeepers, chimera, virus zombie, the blue ball in the minigames area, and one or a few of the plushies from the arcade, all these avatars can have custom animations except the shopkeepers

Some plushies are already planned to be able to be playermodels,

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Because of copyright issues. That being said, since you’re just talking about original models, that’s what the models in the appearance menu are for. They just need to add more models. No need for a whole new store when we already have Tower Threads.

i just want kallerina, man

IIRC, there’s a Kalleira player model on the workshop.

not a big fan of that one tbh. yes its good looking but i rather the actual one.

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Yeah, I just saw it. Coulda sworn the actual Kalleira was there but I was mistaken apparently. That one looks weird.