Avatar Customization

For being a social game my avatar isn’t very customizable, I can’t even choose a hairstyle for example, this is a big turn off for a lot of people, it would draw more people to early access if we could look cooler

The devs are focusing on gameplay right now. They are planning to work on improved customization of character later in development, when almost all of the gameplay features are done and refined.
For now, just be creative!


How can you be creative with 1 option lol

He means Playing the game bud

Whaddya mean 1 option

e.g. one hairstyle

More than 1 option for other things that people actually care about

Yes there needs to be hair, face, body, (more)clothes options

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As already stated, we’re focusing on gameplay right now. Adding a robust character customization system will take quite awhile and we want to make gameplay before doing that. However, we are working on Workshop integration which will allow you to import custom player models from Workshop. We want to see how that goes before sinking lots of development time into a player model customization system (because people could end up just loving Workshop more).

It’s always been on our radar and we know how important it is, but we don’t want Tower Unite to just be about customizing yourself, we want it to be about the games.

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HI <3

If the main focus of Tower Unite is the Games how come the biggest supply of content is housing/Social elements? The workshop sounds amazing if it works like the game ChatVR, which is extremely popular right now for as you don’t need VR to play in which you can just download any avatar and everyone else can see it without having to go out of their way to download it themselves to see other people. Tower Unite is a much better version of ChatVR without the VR, however ChatVR community is 90% of non VR users, the biggest draw of people to the game is avatar customization. Which is the only thing this game is missing,

anyways i really like this game and hope it grows in content and player base.

Can’t wait to see the messed up Dark Souls-esque player models walking around.

On a more serious note, I don’t really know what is keeping Tower from growing other than smaller games on steam are harder to find and maybe people get bored of the content. I love this game, I made a crap ton of new friends because of it, I want to see it grow so badly but I don’t know what’s holding us back. I don’t believe VRChat grew big because of the player models. But rather it’s a SOCIAL GAME and gained exposure due to the VR element, which is totally new.

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There’s also another big factor contributing to the huge growth of VRChat: it’s completely free.

A free game is likely going to grow a lot faster than a paid one, and TU seems to be a bit of a hard sell as a social game when VRChat is already there fot free and gets the job done.

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VRChat is also extremely buggy and interface is garbage something TU offers is cleaner UI and scripts, if they added the avatar Customization they would surpass a free to play game.

What VRChat is doing is completely different from what TU is doing. While we are also a social game, TU was founded on the games and Plaza. VRChat is definitely popular because of the player models. It is also a VR game and TU is not.

in VRchat id say maybe 100 people out of 1000 have VR. So VR is not the selling point. In VRchat people spend most of the time trying to play the broken/half assed mini games together, in a sense condos would be what VRworlds are where you go to be social, then you have gameworlds just like the plaza where you play games with people, Both games offer something that each other needs but both games lack of focus on what the players want/need in that game to make it a better choice to play over one another for whatever the players need may be… shrug

basically what im saying is you have competition, you as a devoloper wanted this game to be focused on games and gameplay but your community loves this game for its social elements.

Speak for yourself. I love the gameworlds and play it mostly for that.

yeah all the games in VRchat are pretty broken and bare minimum gimmicks, which is something tower unite does correctly, if tower unite can do what VRchat is doing with avatars theres a huge incentive for the ChatVR people to join Tower Unite.

We have been working on Workshop for awhile now. We focus on multiple parts of our game as much as we can. We focus on games and then add social features as much as possible. We try to balance working on Game Worlds, Condos, and Plaza as distinct aspects of the game. We’ve always planned to have custom player models since day one and we are nearing completion of that.

You say that custom player models is nearing completion??? The roadmap says otherwise…? Phase 1 : 0 %
Before any other phases: 60% how in the hell is this nearly complete? are phases 1-4 only going take 3 weeks or less?

We don’t check off the feature until it’s fully completed. Zak has importing of models finished with texture and normal support, along with physics. He is working on bone importing, mostly done (he got bones and weight maps to import) and he has been working on it all December without any other distractions.

I should also clarify that the check boxes on our Trello are the full finished feature and has no percentage shown on that feature, but internally we do.