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We’re ready to get out one of the Inventory Portable Tools for you to try out. The first tool we’re releasing is the Copycat tool. This handy tool (available at Rob’s Imports) can copy and paste item properties from one item to another! It also sports a duplication mode so you can quickly duplicate items (as long as you have enough in your inventory!). This is just a taste of the type of tools we’re wanting to get out to help with Condo building. So go on, try it out. Copy all the canvases to your delight!

Now that the Halloween events are over, we’re rolling out the redecorated-for-the-season Autumn Plaza. And if you still have Forgotten Remains from the Halloween events, you can trade them with our resident skeleton in the Celebrations store!

Major Changes

  • Autumn Plaza
  • Plaza: New theater building exterior
  • Plaza: Added various details to the building roofs
  • Copycat Tool (part of the Inventory Portable Tools) is now available in Rob’s Imports
  • Celebrations now has a skeleton incase players still have Forgotten Remains they want to trade in
  • Halloween events are over
  • Slight update to the main menu tabs (making them look more like tabs)
  • Renamed the “Host” tab for Game Worlds to “Create a Game”

Bug Fixes

  • Removed invisible blocks in the default Condo map near the outside garden
  • Fixed setting description being reversed for the ignore item open warning prompt
  • Fixed media player URL entry popup flickering when opened
  • Fixed media player URL entry popup text input box being unreliable to click on
  • Fixed Condo windows having weird drawing issues
  • Fixed character dialogue nearby events happening through walls
  • Fixed max player count UI for hosting games/condos having a .0 at the end (it was 8.0 now it is just 8)
  • Fixed tree items not always displaying for other players in the Condo
  • Fixed Outdoor Floor Light and Outdoor Light not being in the light category for inventory
  • Fixed media player dynamic lights persisting when the screen was turned off (this fixes the Rise Tablet light bug)
  • Fixed Stair item description being inaccurate
  • Fixed the first stair step clipping through the ground with the Stair item
  • Fixed Outdoor Light item not having the same color from a distance
  • Reduced the number of particles in the floating Halloween items
  • Fixed Waffle and Flamingo items missing collisions
  • Fixed a typo in item tags for “Processors”
  • Fixed the Hot Tub item clipping through the ground


You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our daily logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.


No TU puns for this one ? :wink:
Not even AuTUmn ?


You’re really slacking here @macdguy


Autumn was too easy of a pun.


That’s no excuse to leave even an obvious one out. Even without AuTUmn, certainly you could have mentioned something like Thanksgiving TUrkeys or the twenty-TU degree temperaTUre drops.


Puns or no puns, I’m still hyped!

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