Autoclick checker decteing autoclick after pressing correct key

So here’s the story: I was in the casino playing triple diamonds, the Auto clicker checker was making sure I wasn’t auto clicking, It wanted me to hit s. I did and then accidently hit something else after s, It logged me as active and gave me the 150 units reward but the key I hit after registered me as inactive and the inactive registration enables after the active registration enabled making the inactive register overlap the active register, and the punishment for inactive and auto clicker detected is that I get took out of my slot machine and killed, I respawned with no asscesories and nothing I had from my inventory, it was still in my inventory but it did nothing when I equipped the stuff in my inventory, I can equip it but it does nothing, then someone took my machine, and here I am angrily reporting about it, one way Im not sure is a way to solve but if it can prevent the game from registering any further button presses until the autoclick check is over.

it unequips everything so that you can’t use the jetpack or speedshoes to run back to the machine quickly.

Speed shoes?

They’ll also implement slower versions of the speed shoes anybody can buy with units in the future.

That’s some bad luck right there, sorry to hear that happened.

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