Audio not working on my Razer Man O War

My audio on my Razer Man O War is not working, I have tried things such as updating the software, checking if my device is plugged in correctly etc., I am not doing things such as unplugging during loading. I have no idea why it isn’t working. Tower Unite still shows up in the volume mixer and using other audio devices works ok, but that also means I can’t use the microphone from my headset to communicate with people because my headset is wireless and has an auto timer that turns off the device if there is no audio activity. This is a link to all my computer specs and useful information (directly from dxdiag). My dxdiag file in Google Drive.

I gotta agree, using the Man ‘O’ War with anything is sorta a wonky process with my experience.

Do you have Razer Synapse? Sometimes Synapse likes to hijack the audio for itself so you gotta make sure it’s linked and everything.

If you don’t have synapse, I’d look at your playback devices before and after your headphones turn on and off. It tends to do wonky things (Especially if you use Voicemeeter or other speakers) like stealing the default audio output and such.

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