Audio issues with headphones

When i play Tower Unite, any audio other than menu and pause menu sounds are on the left speaker on my headphones.

I have this problem to.

Steps i have taken.
*Plugged directly into audio jack rather than my wireless receiver.
*attempted other input devices through windows.
*Turned off my controller support through steam just in case the controller audio jack was causing *interference.
*Reinstalled the game to ensure game files are not corrupted.
*Played with volume levels to see if I could attain a volume where sounds were audible in left ear (sadly no left right audio slider)
*restarted my computer.
*verified nothing is running besides steam opera and Tower Unite.
*checked my audio drivers are up to date (using device manager)

A patch would be ideal, but unrealistic as i don’t exactly see reams of people looking for this fix. But do any of you know a more technical fix? I would be willing to demo stream the issue over discord for a dev so that the specifics are easier to nail down, as i have seen with friends that they are replicated for the viewer of my stream.

I was looking for support. Should i make my own thread or something? Or just manage my expectations that if a support channel exists there is support, and replace my expectations with the more appropriate modern day expectations of lack of support until a random user pops in to say something useless and hostile in place of actual support?

Sorry for the silence. This isn’t an issue we are familiar with.

Are you sure that, in Windows, the audio device that belongs to your headphones is configured as having two audio channels and not more than two? I’m not familiar with how audio channels are handled inside the engine, but I am hypothesizing a situation where the audio device is somehow configured for something like a 5.1 surround setup, and the engine could be redirecting the left and right channels to different channels than the ones your headphones use. And perhaps the menu sounds could then be played on all channels, as opposed to the other audio.

Had to poke in dms because forum temporary blocked my new account from posting Madmijk responded.

Madmijk: "I am a bit stumped. I was going to suggest reinstalling because that has helped some players resolve inexplicable issues, but you already did that. Have you looked for a control panel for your sound driver software? Realtek sound drivers for example have the Realtek Control Panel, which sometimes gives more options than the settings shown in the Windows audio device settings.

In the meantime I am asking our sound designer if he has a clue, because I can understand it does seem specific to our game."

Yeah i gave that a whirl. It had very basic and primitive options. The home page is blank and this is the advanced tab. Seemed unrelated.

Thanks for giving him a nudge. Games great so its not like im gonna huff off bad review or go bananas, so i will understand if there is no good answer. I appreciate it though, it is a little sad that people speaking to me audibly disappear on my right hand side ;).

Let me know if you need any hard ware specs checked with specific tools or other information.

An oddity, the audio on movies viewed through Tower Unite can be heard through both head phones in stereo.

Our sound designer is also not sure how this happens. We think this may very well be an engine bug, and an uncommon one at that.

I’m seeing some familiar settings on that driver control panel. Under “Playback Device”, could you check “Make front and rear output devices play back two different audio streams simultaneously?” You will then get two audio playback devices, instead of one that switches between rear output and front output. Then in your audio playback devices in Windows you might have to specify your (new) headphones audio device as “default” (or whatever it is called in English), so it wil automatically become the default audio playback device when it is plugged in. It may already be set to that though. Perhaps this helps work around the bug somehow.

Otherwise, I suggest manually looking for updated audio drivers from Gigabyte’s website, using your motherboard name. Windows’ Device Manager does not always know when there are newer drivers available, from past experience.

If that doesn’t help either, then I am sorry I cannot help, because I don’t know what is really happening under the hood. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Yeah no luck.
I wouldn’t be willing to update my mother board driver to solve this problem. When your computer and a terabyte of games and programs are operating as intended, it is not worth the risk to test by changing the way your hard ware processes on a loaded and operating system as it can generate instabilities in priory installed software and hardware. The its not broke don’t fix it. Especially given the nature of the bug and that i am able to get audio in all other programs, and even within Tower unite in some circumstances to each ear piece.

So if anyone else is reading this you could try to update your mother board drivers, my other drivers were up to date.

Maybe ill just side ways solve and stream it from my steam deck :wink: . Thanks for the time and consideration Madmijk and sound designer. No need to apologize, Its a rare and weird problem with not a lot of indicators to its origin, fixing it was a long shot. Likely just some obscure hard ware issue. Have a good day :smiley:

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