Audible range for media players


It gets annoying fast when you can hear any open media player from anywhere in the condo. Maybe have an adjustable audio range for media players?


The media players are just browsers. The only way to add support for this is to adjust the API volume (of Youtube, etc.) to apply also distance to it on top of your user setting.


don’t the media players already have a volume slider when holding q, could you not just make the game lower this slider til eventually disabling the media player when leaving the radius?


That’s what I was saying, the only issue is it still takes time to implement (and test) and I’m currently busy. I eventually would like to add this feature, though.

Oh also, another issue is that it’ll affect all active media players at once.


??? The Browser volume and the API volume of the youtube or soundcloud players themselves are two different things?

This is a real point and is entirely understandable.


I’m aware of that, but there is no way to adjust the volume of the browser itself as we’re using the Unreal browser and there’s no function for that unless we add our own and fork the engine further.


then how are you doing that in-game? even so if you’re not changing the volume of the browser itself or the volume of the webplayer itself, you’re still changing the volume.

I’m aware it would take time to develop and that there could be problems with it such as enabling multiple media players, but you’re outright saying the feature can’t happen due to “Volume API” issues that aren’t necessarily an issue for this feature, you already change the volume of the media players through an in-game slider so all that must be done is make this dynamic to the coordinates or range of the player from the media, and just disable this function if multiple players are enabled? I am also aware you can’t change the volume of the pages on the browser without proper API or support for it, and that’s understandable but you’re bringing that sort of information up when it isn’t necessary for this feature to exist.

I really don’t want to cause lots of drama and I’m aware that saying this might cause it, but it just doesn’t really make sense? and I just kind of want to voice my concerns or issues I see with your argument, especially when it could actually be programmed into the game and you say responses like this instead of “This could be put into the game but it may hijack the player’s control over the volume of the player, plus it may also cause issues if multiple media players are in use as they all use the same volume level that the player controls, the only way to make it possible to have this range for multiple players would be API control that we don’t have.” Which explains all the pros and cons of the feature being implemented with the possible methods, and how the other methods aren’t available but can be done.

TL;DR it can be done, not super perfectly but it can be done, and I’m sorry if this is starting drama I’m just voicing my confusions that seem very off putting.


That’s done through the player API, which is what I was talking about how it would have to be done.

I brought up the fact that you can’t adjust the browser volume because you did. I was just saying we currently don’t have a way to adjust the browser volume, only the volume of the player API, and that I was acknowledging that those are two separate things.

I never said the feature couldn’t be done, I said the exact opposite of that. I said the feature could be done, but it takes time to implement (and test) and I’m currently busy. I then even said I’d eventually like to add this feature.

Basically, what my original post about the player API was saying is that in order to do it, you’d basically just take the volume and multiply it by some sort of additional float based on the distance between you and the media player.

I was describing how I’d do it, not saying it couldn’t be done.

Seems like just a bit of miscommunication, really.