Attach Lazer-Tag arena to the arcade

Lazer-Tag is usually found inside arcades irl, why not have the Lazer-Tag arena inside or attached to the arcade itself

If anything, I would attached the bowling alley to the arcade. I see that combination much more frequently.


its a matter of the country or place you are in how they differ
but yeah i see bowling alleys arcades and lazer-tags all attached together

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This makes me think of maybe some sort of “plaza games” hub, it would be something like a mall, but instead of shops, it would have Lazer Tag, the arcade, bowling, etc. With a few things staying on the boardwalk.

It’s a bit of a pipe dream, but hey, why not. Also, I believe “redoing the arcade exterior” is happening, so that’s on a similar path.


ehhh i rather keep everything as is, another area means another area where people can go to making it look like less people in the plaza


It’s a matter of opinion (And I don’t think any changes like this will happen anyways), but here’s my 2 cents on this concept a bit more generally than a random idea I came up with in 3 seconds:

There’s a point to be made that there’s some inconsistency in the plaza buildings, mainly that things like Bowling and Lazer Tag (Which are just singular games) take up space (And a whole separate building) akin to the game worlds and casino, which house a much larger variety of different games/experiences each.

I don’t like the idea of games like those plus Arcade and Trivia being “locked off” in another hub (Personally that’s a problem I have with the game ports), but they could maybe have an Arcade/Trivia situation, where they’re all in the same building, but they have their own entrances outside and inside.

As people have been saying, Arcade, Bowling, and Lazer Tag all have strong ties to each other in real life, and in their theme. I think it would be cool to see them all integrated into a big complex (That was still strongly linked to the plaza in various ways). I also think this could make the plaza feel more compact and less spread thin.

Though in the end this probably wouldn’t be worth the development time, it’s still a nice thought.

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It’d be cool to have a place attached to the Arcade that’s not Laser Tag per se, but is some kind of an event-style Laser Tag FFA:
As soon as you enter the room, with no “join” button or anything like that, you get the laser pistol, just like plaza event minigames, and you get to pvp free for all with whoever is in there, no teams. It could be something like “Laser Tag: Arena”. Something like a PvP zone in the Plaza, a smaller version of Laser Tag that’s quicker to play, with no teams and in a smaller, more open map. Perhaps with a different theme even? Like a cowboy version of Laser Tag? I just think it’d be cool to dare people to quickly 1v1 you in the laser tag arena, and also being able to have an arena gamemode.
XP should probably go to Laser Tag, but since it’s a quicker mode it’d be a bit less than regular team Laser Tag.

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Sounds a lot like Dueling, Mac actually said in Discord recently that Dueling will be somewhat similar to Laser Tag.

Ooh nice. I do wish there was a quick way to PvP people though. Making a Laser Tag session takes way too long and the map is way too big for a more casual, fast approach. If there were an event-style pvp zone that’s always there available to be played it’d make Plaza much more fun and approachable, not to mention it’d fit laser tag/arcade.

That sounds pretty much like what dueling is. The map’s smaller and you can play it whenever you want.

Isn’t dueling a game rather than a plaza minigame?

It’s a minigame. This video from @Plasma shows it off pretty well. Basically you would buy the weapon to duel with in the casino and then you could challenge other players with it and set wagers.

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Dueling is in the plaza, it already has a building attached to the arcade too.

I have a hunch the eventual Bumper Cars is attached to the Arcade actually. There was a large cylinder door that was under construction during the Dev Stream, and I believe given the location of the arcade, the site of eventual Bumper Cars is on the opposite end

I saw alot of people assuming bumper cars or dark ride for that room they hinted at. To me it seems most likely to be shooting gallery. Pretty sure a Trello card even mentioned it being moved off the boardwalk into the

There are two shooting galleries, one on the boardwalk, and one in the Arcade iirc

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I thought I remembered the devs saying the one on the boardwalk got converted to or scrapped for the Arcade one. They didn’t include the placeholder building for it in Lobby 3. Honestly I have no idea anymore, I even remember there talk of Shooting elements in the dark ride and I can’t remember if that was part of the original dark ride or a separate one.

The shooting gallery/dark ride lore is deep and forgotten in this modern age.

They’re still separate on the Trello, though the boardwalk one is in the backlog.

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That clarifies it. Yea the “Arcade Shooting Gallery” was the original stationary shooting gallery on the boardwalk that got moved to arcade. The one that used to be next to Typing Derby.

My theory is a new version of this is what was behind the WIP door in the last Arcade stream. If not this, then the ride, I just doubt its bumper cars but who knows.

Then the “Boardwalk shooting gallery Ride” was the dark ride they hinted at a while ago.

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That’d be cool and having bowling added there as well would be nice, but I feel like it’d take a big lobby rework. I personally would like a more condensed lobby so you see more players and its easier to access the games in a tighter space, but it seems very unlikely.