Assorted Fishing Suggestions

I dont know if a lot of people agree with this, but I personally believe that, while fun, fishing isn’t very Profitable or rewarding. I have a few ideas, though. Some to make it more enjoyable, some to make it more rewarding and stuff. I don’t know, just dumping ideas.

Make Fish more Valuable
This is the easiest and Simplest, and In my eyes one of the more important ones. You basically make F-All money if you’re not going for rare fish, especially with the more costly Bait. I think fish sell price should be increased by 2x, but i’m not a dev so I dont know if that’s good.

Different Bait Tiers
One of my friends who I recently got into tower who tried out fishing was complaining about how Hard it is to catch the harder fish, so I had the idea of splitting fishing bait into different tiers.
Tier 1 Bait would be cheapest, only attracting Easy and Medium fish, and with the lowest chance of Rare fish.
Tier 2 would be Medium and Hard fish, with a higher chance of Rare and Interesting fish.
Tier 3 would be Hard and Very Hard. You get the point.

I feel like the current bait pool is a bit bloated, and makes little sense to Beginners. How is a new guy meant to know whether to get Meatballs, Minnows, gummy worms, or normal worms? I feel like clearing it up would make it more Inviting.

More Rewards/Exclusive Items
By this, I mean some more possible Exclusive treasure to incentivise people going fishing, to get some cool Loot.
One of the ideas I had was Crates, this is less to incentivise people to fish, and more as a nice little bonus for fishing. Crates would be semi rare, and you could get them Randomly on top of finding fish, or sometimes lying on their own while fishing, and being able to yank em out of the water at no cost. They could contain a random amount of units, some Bait, and maybe rarely some catsacks.

Another idea for this was Catsacks you could fish out, they could be interesting things inside of fish, or their own fish type on their own. For how they look, I had a few different ideas. One: A Snorkel wearing Catsack. Two: A Catfishsack. Three: A Catsack made of Water.

They could contain more valuable things like Exclusive Bait, sand dollars, and maybe other stuff as well, like maybe a Water Gun.

Different Poles
I feel like having access to different fishing poles would be a cool change. Atm there’s only one pole you have to buy and equip, but I think it shouldn’t be too hard to add more poles with different effects.
Here’s some ideas.

Beginner Pole: The first one, you could get this for free as a one time gift to start fishing, along with some Tier 1 Bait. It can only use Tier 1 bait, and has a chance of not losing any bait after snapping. It’s mostly for new players to learn how fishing works.

Standard Pole: The standard pole, the cheapest, and Reliable with no other Effects.

Magnetic Pole: Small, Large and Rare fish are less likely to appear, and fish with interesting things inside them are more likely to. However, the materials it uses to achieve that are fragile, causing the line to snap faster.

Enchanted Pole: Rare reward from the Catsacks mentioned earlier. Can only use Tier 3 bait, but Rare fish are much more drawn to this Magical Pole.

Master Pole: A Reward for catching Every Single fish. Dont have any wacky cool special Effect ideas for this one, but it would be a cool Reward.

Let me know what y’all think of these ideas, or suggest your own. I dont care.

you probably will remember these that were in development a while ago before fishing came out

they were only cosmetic if i remember correctly hopefully in future updates they can be added


Ah yeah, these are going to be available through upgrade aren’t they?

Yeah, they are

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Oh man, I actually dont remember these.

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I don’t think fishing is supposed to be something that’s easily profitable. However, I do agree it doesn’t always feel super rewarding - although I also don’t think it’s supposed to be a constant stream of dopamine either.

I do think the current bait system could use a change, and having baits influence difficulty while rods influence what kind of fish you’re most likely to catch makes sense (although, logically, the opposite makes more sense) and would allow players who aren’t very good at the fishing minigame to stick to easier catches while other players can do the harder fishes. I do hope when the upgrades shop comes around that some fishing upgrades aren’t cosmetic.

I like this. Something like this would be the best way to make fishing more rewarding and satisfying without making it a big ol’ profit machine if the devs are intentionally avoiding that. And it also reminds me a lot of Terraria, which is always a plus.


Yeah, I was heavily inspired by terraria. It’s fishing minigame is usually slept on, despite being very well done.


Most of my Terraria playthroughs involve fishing for hours on end cause it’s chill AF (and super powerful, skips a lot of early/mid game grind) but I’m a sucker for fishing in most games I play.

And honestly, I’m due for another Terraria playthrough soon…

On the topic of Terraria, instead of randomly fishing up crates and stuff something like the Angler could work just as well. Get a quest to fish X amount of a specific fish (or just fish in general) and get rewarded with goodies. Although that might not flow as well in TU. Just food for thought.