Assigning teams

There’s a lot I like about laser tag, but it’s something we don’t often play. For one thing, We can’t get a private group. Everytime we try with a party bigger than 4, we attract people to join so it becomes a server hop to play with just friends.

On top of it, I’ve been beyond frustrated with the lack of ability to assign teams. There’s not even any pattern we can derive when it comes to joining the game and team assignment, it’s rng. If I had to guess, I’m saying at least 85% of the time it’s always a stacked powerful team vs our worst players (myself included). I’m sure there’s a reason this can’t be put on private servers, but the complete lack of control over teams leaves it one of the least played games in our list. A lot of people have asked why there’s extra teams (purple and green) not in use - it’d be great to implement those. Put the crazy op friend on their own team and the other 2 teams against them sounds great.

“Just play with random-” No. I don’t want to. To not sound bitchy, basically I’m not competitive and I’m anxious and bad at fps. Some people in my group are in at least one of those boats, but there’s others who are super competitive but take it down a couple notches when playing with people like me. I also play with my kid who is young and can’t really learn when he’s spawn camped. He’s still better than me so my sympathy only goes so far.

I love TU because of it allowing us to just play with who we want, I guess I missed the memo on why laser tag can’t have private lobbies like virus has… even still I rather have a way to pick teams at least.

Picking teams seems like a nice idea to me. It could maybe even be tied into the group system for convenience.

Originally, Laser Tag was planned to eventually get multiple gamemodes, some of which facilitating more than two teams. They haven’t been the focus of development, so only time will tell when (or if) these additional teams/modes are added.


Another suggestion for randomized teams:

Players could be sorted by their EXP. Most experienced players are paired with lesser experienced players, etc.

Each player is given a seed and are sorted into teams with each other so the skill level is balanced.

Stats could also be taken into account (tags/eliminations/games won) if you care more about those.

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