Hello, everyone. I’m Rob. Mid-30s, northeastern US.

People tend to get my attention by dissecting my username, either by the first (Aska) or second bit (Langly), but otherwise I’m that one fan of Evangelion’s Asuka Langley.

I joined TU when looking for games to play that have an arcade and some way to earn money by doing things. I owned The Coin Game for some time, thinking that the game is great, but lacks multiplayer. Then, I wanted to find something that allows me to do random things to earn currency for whatever floats my boat. Noticed a friend play this, via the Steam home page, and that’s where it all started.

Garry’s Mod is my 3rd most-played Steam game, at 499 hours, shared between my younger brother-in-law and myself. We grew with the car stuff, whereas I was a fan of YukiTheater (still friends with Winter, actually…). Tower’s a mode I was unfamiliar with, honestly…

In my spare time, I play other games… and that’s it. I fell off my electric scooter, face first, in April 2021. I broke my fall, but tore my right rotator cuff. To this day, I can’t naturally lift my right hand past my head. I’ve been out of work since.

I’m just looking to hang out with a few like-minded people to play games with, just to occupy my time while I’m dealing with my injured arm and the pandemic.

Yikes. That sucks about your arm. Welcome to the community, though.

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