Around the Plaza in 80 Days


** Updated Catsack texture to be more…Themed, with some goggles and a little scarf! **

Coming to a workshop near you.
To float near your shoulder, probably.

Comes to 1164 tris.
(Further optimisations will be made for the final workshop upload)


heyyyy. thats pretty good.
did i do the meme good?
but anyway that is pretty nice, not better than a t-pose kleiner :wink:


the catsack looks thinner photoshopped


He a low-poly catsack, so he may be a little slimmer. But you’ll never know due to his teeny-weeny size!




NICE! body seems unclear


Maybe a low framerate gif would help, as said already he is low-poly as ingame he’ll be a tiny flying pet.

Can I ask what this ‘body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence’ reference is?


When you type a one-word or very short message in this forum, it says “Body seems unclear; Is it a full sentence?” People often mitigate this by just adding that text to their post.




30th like


35 now