Are we ever getting more Ball Race and Minigolf maps?

Minigolf and Ball Race are the most played Game Worlds, but are the Game Worlds that have seen the least amount of love lately.

Just wondering if there are more maps in the pipeline or not :slight_smile:

There was that Odyssey(?) space map for minigolf being worked on at one point but haven’t heard much about it recently so I can only assume it’s on the backburner for the time being.

Minigolf got Island right before the Arcade released. Ignoring Accelerate, the two most recent maps were for ZM (Nightyard) and Minigolf (Island).
Virus and Zombie Massacre rarely get attention, so their polishing updates have been long-awaited. And Accelerate has been receiving the most attention since it’s the newest addition.

In the pipeworks, there’s Odyssey for Minigolf but that’s planned to be released at the game’s full version (after Early Access). Other than that, we don’t know about new maps until the team considers it presentable.


They are planning on adding workshop support for gameworld maps, but that is in the far future. I do know they have another minigolf map planned called Odyssey. However, it is not being worked on at the moment.

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