Are these 2 specs good to run TU?

I’m thinking of getting a computer with these 2 specs (rest are fine) but these two good for TU

GPU: nvidia gtx 1060 should run

CPU: intel i5

Well, I know the gtx 1060 is but the i5?

What generation of the processor? I have an i5 4460 and I searched around a bit, and it should work fine with a gtx 1060. Should be alright for the game as well because I can run fine. I get quite low-ish FPS, but I blame my graphics card.

How much fps? And is your settings on turbo? Last question is what is your gpu?

I average around 40 FPS, although I get a solid 60 FPS in the train station and in the condo, but I occasionally get slight drops. My settings are not on turbo, they range from medium to turbo. My GPU is a GTX 750 Ti. Planning to replace it with a 10x0 card.