Are the drinking items such as the Wooden Keg supposed to expire after using them


I used the wooden keg, all it’s 36 drinks. It then was tagged as trash but when I pressed the trash button it went back to my inventory and I was able to place it and use it again.


Ya that’s the idea with the consumable items, as long as it isn’t made for a single use only like the fireworks.


So this ain’t a bug?




Then what’s the point of marking it with ‘36 drinks’?


id wager based on the price of said keg they didnt plan to make it bottomless with infinite drinks, or because people like to drink others alcohol for absolutely no reason.

If you wanna know why they have made it like this your best bet would be to ask a dev for more info.


It makes sense to run out really, but it’d be nice to get a bottomless from like milestones or something, for those dedicated to being drunk and throwing up ahha. But if we get bottomless I’d rather there be an item to hold and drink so it’s exclusive to yourself.


I think it’s broken and not supposed to work like that.
That’s just a hunch though.


There was a held drink suggestion, so maybe


Yea @Caboose700 or @macdguy id love to know if this is intentional or not


It’s not intentional, but it’s low priority.