Arctiq's Videogame Items for Condos |Workshop|

I’ve decided that I want to create decorative items for the condos that recreate items from various Videogames.
After I finish the NES console model and controller, I will be taking suggestions on what you guys want.
(Please go easy on me. I’m still learning 3DS Max and there are some things that I’m not good with yet)

Click here to see my Trello board where you can see the current status of my models


-NES Cartridge-
This model is now complete

Here is a mock-up Tower Unite NES label I made for the model!


Oh man, will you make different textures for NES games?

Of course. I already have it listed on my Trello.


Oh, woops. Hang on a sec…

Try now.

Still borked.

There we go. Should work now. I hope.