Archery game

Was wondering if like plaza game, a separate archery game could be implemented.
Here is how it should work:

  1. You join a server to play it (i.e. golf, zombie massacre, virus). You can play it alone or with 2 or more players. Max perhaps 4 or 6.

  2. Difficulty is based on what map (area with predefined targets) you pick. The higher the difficulty the different type of targets you will have to shoot. For example, on easy level, targets are stationary but at varied distance (20,50,70 yrds, etc). The targets would be the usual ones with rings and bullseye. On higher difficulty, those targets would be further apart, move sideways, and/or have various shape with different point markers (i.e. a human shaped target where body hit gives you X points, head shot gives Y points and so on).

  3. XP and gold is earned based on performance. Game mode may require you to hit a target 2-3 times (as we see in olympic game) for scoring. All players can go at their target without taking turns or it could be set to “take turn” for 2-player mode. There should be time limit but only if the last person to hit the target on his last shot takes too long.

  4. Performance is tallied at the end of a set based on where you hit on the target (bullseye = 50pts, one ring outside = 40, the ring outside of that = 30 and so on). Missed shot is counted as void and will be taken into total scoring but not as penalty.

  5. The difficulty can be further increased or turned off (for general practice) using windage system where a constant RNG generator will generate wind blow (virtual of course) that will be indicated by an arrow on hud, or by an object like windsock pole. This option is for hardcore archery if one wants to use, but could be turned off on any difficulty setting (think of it as “ultra diff mode” put on easy or hard mode).

  6. The rewards for achieving milestones could be (not in this order but…): Robin Hood hat—>arm+chest guard—>traditional bow—>longbow/crossbow—>compound bow. The bows are of course usable while in plaza.

I figured there is no need to add this but perhaps taking similar style, a gun shooting competition can be made as well. Since we have enough of those already in the game, perhaps archery would be a better option. Hence the suggestion.

What do you guys think of it? Please suggest.


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The same base could be used for making one those arcade games with the moving basketball hoops. Play alone or against 2-3 others.