Arcade's Inspiration?

So, I’ve always felt that the arcade in Tower Unite felt weirdly familiar to me, almost like I’d been there before… A while back it finally clicked in my head why when I was revisiting a recently re-opened arcade I use to go to almost every week, then I saw pixeltail is based out of Redmond, which all lines up, so out of curiosity, I was wondering if the arcade’s layout and overall vibe was inspired by the Seattle Gameworks?
Things are definitely different, but wow does it sure give me that same feeling, which is such a cool feeling.

The main difference is the games in Tower Unite actually work, and you can actually find another human inside it, haha

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Aren’t most of Pixeltail’s workers Cascadian?

Several of us are local to Redmond, then we have a few in other parts of North America, UK, and Netherlands.

The design was inspired by a mixture of a ton of different Arcades. Gameworks Seattle was one of the inspirations, along with Disney Quest.

We did have a company meetup at Gameworks Seattle a couple years ago. It’s a fun arcade.


No way. Tower Unite real