Arcade rewards

So i was wondering, since alot of people want to earn units playing the arcade game as they enjoy those games more and its fun to play something different. But i know the reward for arcade games is a different currency “Tickets”

My idea is to have a machine to convert your tickets into units but only one way so people cant trade units in for ticket prizes. That way people can play for units and also use up any spare tickets they may have.

i like this :^) i literally mentioned how on another post that i am not really good at any other games and that i also am not interested in most of them or that it requires multiple players. i want to see something like this system or at least arcade machines that are specifically for unit earning. I want to turn my bowling grind for a condo socialize hotspot to enjoying TU’s main and PRIMARY attribute… enjoying gaming while socializing with current or newly made friends. this game is literally adding everything and has so much potential to be the best social space because it has a hub for people and interactive experiences. I get excited just talking about it. I know the arcade is adding exactly what i’m looking for and it’s perfect for tower unite because it’s all about games. I’m just concerned my favorite games won’t be able to earn me units but the ones I don’t really enjoy do. just saying if i was better at zombie massacre solo or even with a team, that would be my grind without it feeling like a grind lawl. also, just to mention i haven’t even tried planet panic or little crusaders yet because there’s no one to play with every time i use the matchmaking service. rip.


as you can see, i really am excited for the arcade because i’m a pac man/ space invader type of girl. :^) marioesque type of babe, lol. no but platformers are my kind of thing. i’m bowling though i’m sometimes getting a lot of splits with pins and i’m just trying to get by with spares. lol


No think about it, You spend money to then get money or possibly lose some, It’s another casino!

But the arcade’s games are skill based. They’re actual games. The casino is completely luck-based (besides poker) and the only way you’ll lose money is if you’re unlucky. In the arcade, if you lose money, it’s because you’re just bad at the games.


I don’t play much planet panic, but I do a lot of little crusaders games, so if you add me on Steam (look at my forum profile, my steam profile is linked) I can invite you or let you know when I’m doing a crusaders game. It’s tons of fun when you have 3+ knights.

I like the idea of spending a small amount of Units to play the arcade games, and as long as you do half decent, you win a substantial amount of tickets. You can then either redeem prizes, or convert your tickets to Units. Maybe 1 ticket ≠ 1 unit. Maybe 1 ticket does = 1 unit. Just all depends on the quantity of tickets that you’d get.

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As for the suggestion: I kinda like the idea of “converting” tickets into units via buying prizes. So if you just want units, maybe you can buy a prize bag or something containing units. I wouldn’t want a way to just directly convert though.

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so tickets are a thing that is going to happen, it would be cool if when you walk in arcade the unit count that shows your units changes to the amount of tickets you have or adds another number below the units for amount of tickets, cause i like to keep track of my money and stuff.


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But back on topic, I completely agree with not allowing people to just cash in units to buy prizes - they should be completely skill based.