Arcade/Plaza Performance Increase by having its own map

This is a recommendation where the Arcade that lead from the hub area (Plaza) is loaded in when you press E on the door to enter said zone. This would make it separata from the rest of the plaza and would drastically increase performance by not having it loaded in the same map, as it is right now.

This applies to most other zones in the plaza as well, such as the Casino, Nightclub, Bowling, Lasertag etc… By making them all separate, the fps gain would be massive, at least in theory.

The only downside to this, would be the loading sections between areas. I’m convinced people would put up with it, if it meant more fps and less stuttering. Not all would like it of course, but it is impossible to please everyone.

Me and many others have our fps hovering around 50-20 in the Arcade and it makes some games that need quick reaction unplayable. This is even the case with beefy hardware that can run most other games without any issues at all.

Tower Unite Plaza puts most systems on their knees because of how big the main hub area is, and how much of it is loaded at the same time.

This is already done, the Arcade is a separate location in the Plaza, and the rest of the Plaza is unloaded on the client’s end.

In fact, every single interior in the Plaza does this already, every part of the map, except for the ones that are absolutely required, and unloaded by the client except for the room they are in, hence the loading screens.

We have many more plans for optimizations we can make, some of which we’ve already shipped.


yesplease more optimization :blue_heart: