Arcade Milestone Ideas Megathread

So with arcade coming up in the next couple of big updates, i was thinking about milestone for arcade and what they would be?
here just put in your own ideas for arcade milestones you suggest, or milestones you think will already end up for the arcade (also any confirmed milestones for arcade).

here is a thread already recommending one.

One idea i had is like a twist on the take on ball from GMT

For those who dont know what im on about

it was a milestone of a power up from pvp battle, when used in lobby it would increase speed and add an effect to the material of your model
(only photos i can find)
it just makes you get a moving black and white hazy material with a speed boost

So for the arcade make one similar to that milestone, but increase the jump height and also give double jump, then also increase speed, then replace the material of the model with a moving version of something like this image


Few random ideas:

  1. A plushie launcher, there’s so many plushies in the arcade and being able to fire random ones around could be pretty good. Think like the fruit launcher.
    Edit - Subconsciously stolen from Umbra, see reply for his original idea ~ sorry fam

  2. Sort of like the throwable money, we could have throwable arcade tickets.

  3. Probably a bit similar to the laser tag milestone but could get a light gun from the arcade machine.

  4. Throwable skee ball would be fun.

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ngl i just wish there were more unique milestones, since it seems the GMT milestones were all really unique and cool to try get and use, but a lot of the tu milestones feel like they are just reskins for visual only things,
like a throw able item milestone, placeable item milestone, pet milestone, RC milestone and weapon milestone.
i miss how we had GMT milestones that gave unique effects and more useful to get and use, like becoming invisible, a custom radar, a speed boost.
things that can be used to improve the way you play rather than things that are only visual.

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holdable boombox that plays generic hip hop beats


Morph milestone - Gamer rage

when you equip the morph you become a angry arcade cabinet then punches when you click and makes arcade cabinet/game noises while using it.

basically like this from (kung fury), but less middle finger and more of fists




Wow I had even voted on that, shows how old I’m getting, I hope they add it!