Arcade games

I hope it’s alright to post this here. If not, feel free to take the topic down. :slight_smile:

As there are a lot of people waiting for the release of the Arcade, I thought I’d share a game I’ve found that also tries to simulate an actual arcade and a small surrounding town (and, as of the latest update, a traveling carnival as well). It only runs in singleplayer, however. It’s also made by a single dev, so the quality of things like graphics and player models isn’t that high.

Oh, and it only features those ticket-redemption games, there aren’t any videogame cabinets or such. If you’re more interested in those, I’d recommend this game instead (you do need to set it up yourself, though):






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I’ve been playing NRA:N on and off for around two years and it’s really really fun if you’re willing to put in a lot of time to customize your arcade, and if you’re into MAME or know about retroarch then you already know most of it, you just gotta also have VR for the full experience.

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