Arcade games!

Hello boys!
Today, i went to the cinema (to watch Hunger Games, so much skilled katniss! :D)
Before accessing to the room, i played with my friends on arcade games and i have some pictures that i have took from the fun games! :slight_smile:

This is an overview of one of the fun games.
Rules: You have balls and 30 seconds to destroy bowling! The highest bowlings are 30 points, they are far from each others, the smallest bowlings are 10 points, they are glued. You know what the middle ones are. You need to get the highest amount of points to win tickets! The basketball one is down but it’s an alternative.
My friends and I had lot of fun, we spent all of our money on this game, so addictive!
I think its worth to add it because it is a fun game! The system of tickets is completely worth IRL or IG!

The second one is a famous arcade games!
Rules: Solo or Coop! You have a big coin, two pushers and you need to throw with your pusher the big coin on a hole in adversary team! The best wins! No objective, dont know how many minutes you have but its fun too!
Here, no ticket to win! Just fun fun fun!

Ask me for more questions about those games or correct me if i’m wrong spelling with english language/grammar! :slight_smile:


Air hockey (The second game) is already planned and under development, actually. Rejoice!

The first one would be cool if it required some kind of special mouse movement, because a target and power bar makes for the game’s system to be learned too easily and can be farmed.

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We’re also getting the shooting gallery in place of the weird clown thing.

Also… Sonic basketball… Why?

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Yeah! That’s what i was thinking about! :slight_smile:

i don’t know :smiley: gotta go fast to win