Arcade Game Credit Loss

When playing games in the arcade it seems that after finishing a game you loose credits. It makes sense that we use our credits in order to buy tokens, but we should not be able to loose credits after finishing the game too. This seems to happen regardless of performance in the arcade game. It is not a lot of credits, but it seems wrong to me.

You don’t actually lose your units. It’s just updating your units from when you bought tokens.


I’ve wondered this too.

But units are already deducted when I buy tokens from the machine…?

I’m pretty sure it’s just a bug with the ui and units aren’t actually deducted twice.

Here’s some more info on the matter

Are you sure about that? Cause when you buy tokens you can watch it go down. And if you look at your number before a game and then after that pops up it does go down. I’ll have to go back and verify again now.

I’ve just checked, and i’m pretty sure.
the game shows you how much money you have at the bottom left on the screen and at the top left of the escape menu. These two numbers are different for some reason.
The number in the escape menu does get deducted when using tokens (playing games), the number at the bottom left of the screen gets deducted when buying tokens.
When you’ve got no tokens, both numbers are the same.

So yeah, you only loose you units once, the UI is just very confusing.

This is why