Arcade Development: Arcade Machines and You

What about the ticket vault? Is that still coming?

Yes. We’ll have more information about that soon.


Work begins on Phase 2.

At the moment I’m focused on fixing gameplay issues of the phase 1 games, with balances coming out in the next update.

Changes include:

  • Newton’s Apples apples no longer bounce
  • Bug Bytes bugs now popup fast on game start
  • Reduced bounciness of rings in Ring God
  • Increased Ring God timer from 40 seconds to 60 seconds
  • You can now hold 5 balls at once in the Offering
  • Reduced bounciness for the Offerring
  • Reduced bounciness for Ice Cave
  • Fixed rotating games having laggy rotation. Games improved are: Wheely Rigged, Newton’s Apples, and Whirl-a-Fish
  • Fixed Bug Bytes bugs not all awarding the same point amounts
  • Fixed The Offering ending before the last ball has settled

I’m also reworking the physics for the Pluck-a-Pal crane game as the crane doesn’t feel like it’s a crane enough.



The crane now has proper swing/twisting and the crane arms now collide. It’s still very much work in progress, but that’s just one aspect I’m busy improving.

We hope to have some more gameplay for the new machines out soon!


Its really nice to see the first phase get some extra polish and not being left behind! Phase 1 of the Arcade alone has to be one of the most impressive TU updates to date.


I second this. I’ve been absolutely glued to the Arcade since it first came out.


For Today,


There is now a HUD element for how many drops/throws/coins left for the game you are currently playing.


  • Collision has been greatly improved, fixing issues where sometimes the snowballs would go through the catsack targets
  • The throw speed has been sped up


  • The bug where a ball could land into a hole, then bounce out of the hole and into another hole but still have the same score as the first hole has been fixed. This resolves issues where people bounced into a hole, then into the jackpot but didn’t get the jackpot.

  • Improved the jackpot effects by adding new lights and splash effects (and confetti!)

Newton’s Apples

  • It is now way more noticeable when you miss an apple. The game will now flash red and make a louder and more noticeable error sound, so you are aware of what happened.

Throwing Games

  • Instead of displaying “x5” or “x2” when holding multiple pickups in the throwing based Arcade games, the pickups now visually display, allowing you to better aim with multiple pickups.

Bug Fixes

  • The long standing issue where your units would be “deducted” while playing Arcade games has been resolved. It’ll no longer incorrectly display that you lost units that you already spent on tokens.

Does this mean the time it takes to charge a throw, or the actual speed of the ball itself after it’s been thrown?




What would just throwing a single pickup look like? The new visual display is cool if you want to do multiple pickup throws, but I’m sure most people throw them one-by-one and hopefully this new display won’t be awkward for that purpose.

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I’d imagine throwing just one will look exactly the same as it does currently

I’m talking about when you hold multiple and throw only one.

ohh, I forgot that was a thing you could do, sorry

When you throw one, it removes it from view.

So when you have five rings, and throw one, you now only see four rings.

Does one pickup from the five pull back visually?

2021 update, just to let you know Billiards is now released in both the Night Club and Arcade

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With the Billiards room being redesigned, where are Birb Sky and the “Cow Wheel” (whatever THAT is) going to be located?

I think there’s supposed to be a third floor, if the stairs are any indication.

ive been playing it on and off :smiley:

What is the cow wheel game?

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