Arcade cabinets. That run JavaScript. You're welcome

Seriously. If it’s possible, this would be an absolutely amazing addition to the game.

The Internet Arcade (this is a link to it) has like bazillions of old games running off a Java-based emulator. My thinking is: you plunk down 20000 or whatever for a Canvas Arcade Cabinet, bring it back to your condo, plunk it down, and copypaste a link from one of them there Internet Arcade games (or - honestly - anything Java-based…) and biddyboom you’re playing the game in your condo.

Or (and probably easier) they could just be set up to open a web-link to same.

Thoughts? It’s a pretty sweet way for people to have, like, any number of random, playable games in their condo, which is honestly the American dream, isn’t it?

Not sure if they’re still planned rn since it’s been a while, but an API for workshop arcade games was made a while back that (I think) supports javascript and a couple other things. (you can check it out here: Arcade Tool for people who want to mess with it)


nice! I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, by the way, so playing with this thingy should be fun.