Arcade API - Will the game have it's own "IDE" or do we have to get a program for it?

Since i might have heard rumors that arcade games will use “Lua”, i was wondering if see title, It could remind me of Wiremod’s “Expression 2 Editor” from “Wiremod”.

Sorry if my memory seems messed up. but i had to ask it.

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mmmm I would love to see how that editable arcade would work.

E2’s editor wasn’t really an IDE, it was just an in-game text editor with some light syntax highlighting.

Pretty much with all Lua mods/extensions for games, there is never an IDE and I’d assume this will be the case for Tower Unite as well. The most we’d get (if anything) would be an in-game editor for scripting (like E2). Otherwise, you’ll have to use ZeroBrane/Notepad++/VS Code/Sublime

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The “in game text editor” is what i meant.