Arcade API - Super Mario Kart

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Anyway, I’ve been working on a recreation of Super Mario Kart using the Arcade API Zak released last year, and I figured I would create a thread so y’all can give me some feedback and help make it more accurate.
Here’s my development progress so far:

It’s still a work in progress, so if something doesn’t look right, please tell me what I should change :smiley:

I plan to eventually release the source code on Github, so that people can use this as a reference to create their own Mode-7 style games. In the future, I also want to use this codebase to create clones of other SNES games, like F-Zero and Pilotwings.


This is incredible! I’d never have the dedication required to do something interesting with the API. Looks great.


I want to learn how to code for the API now.


Super KartSack for the sYes

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I checked out the api in the thread by Zak and it seems that the API supports lua and javascript at the moment
so here’s some basic tutorials for you for each language:

Just remember to take it bit by bit and to think properly when doing said tutorials.


Oh, sick. I didn’t even know there was javascript support. I have a firm grasp of javascript but not so much lua, definitely gonna try and make something with that if I’m not so lazy.

Pretty damn awesome but man that music is total earrape

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holy shit this is fucking COOL, nice job dude

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