while there are custom aquarium volumes it would be cool if we had the ability to do custom aqua scapes for our own fully personalised aquariums. i feel while the fish in the game are amazing the spaces and tools we have available lead to an underwhelming display compared to the amount of work and creativity that went into the fish.


  • ability to change landscape inside the tanks maybe something similar to the terraforming in cities skylines

  • different types/shapes of rocks to decorate (maybe even the ablity to take slices from the rocks with pre formed cutters)

  • different types of plants such as surface plants carpeting plants moss and aquatic stem plants

  • different forms of coral for a custom reef

  • different synthetic aquarium decorations (SpongeBob’s house etc)

have you tried working with any canvas objects? you could make your own tank, use piles + boulders to make your own terrain, you can get a little creative to make your own foliage using pre existing items, coral is tricky but i know its planned as an item, and of course you can just place down props in the tank for decoration.

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