Aquarium / Aquarium Volume still bugged (?)

Sooo I was messing around with aquariums, and the recent thing i found out which was an aquarium volume bug, when I have a large aquarium volume box, the fishes dont want to move around in it whatsoever, which is very frustrating, I don’t understand how big the box has to be for the fishes to move around, (even if its a small fish?)
The same thing with Aquariums, when you make them bigger, the fishes sometimes will flop outside of the aquariums to some peoples viewers, and that’s a thing that’s frustrating too sadly. :confused:

This bug specifically happens when fish loads before the aquarium I think, so it’s a separate bug from the fish being unable to route in an aquarium.
Choices of maps and the specific aquarium item will have different effects on the fish’s mobility and stability. I’ve had the most luck with the aquarium with a pineapple inside it, but only if I don’t make it too tall (I think height is the most important part).

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So what about the aquarium volume?

I’ve made some changes to the aquarium volume in the next update that should help with it.


Thank you. <3