April 2024 Dev Update

Hey everyone, it’s early, but it’s time again for a Dev Update!

Since the last Dev Update, we finished up work on the Engine Upgrade and Movers update, got out rewards to Supporters, and have been working on some hot fixes!

Here’s some of the stuff we’re focused on at the moment as well as some upcoming plans:

:confetti_ball: Makeship

We started our Cornelius and Birb Makeship Plush Campaign on March 26th!

There are still 19 days left to order one, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested!

We also want to say thank you so much to everyone who has supported the campaign already. Once the campaign is over, the funds we get will go into funding Tower Unite development and will really help us a lot!

Cornelius-Launch-Post copy 2

:birthday: TU Anniversary Events

April is the month we celebrate TU’s anniversary, and this year is no exception!

We’ve jam-packed the calendar with events for every Game World (as well as some Plaza fun), so we hope you all enjoy that! Please let us know what events you guys love and want to see more of!

You can also get notifications for the events on our official Discord server!

:roller_coaster: Bumper Cars Development

We’re finally getting closer to releasing Bumper Cars! Now that we have the Engine Upgrade and other fixes out of the way, we just need to finish one last hot fix, and Bumper Cars will be the main focus of our development.

As mentioned previously, there’s a bit more gameplay development and art that needs to be done, and then we’ll be on to testing it and getting it out to you all soon.

You can follow along with development here.

:joystick: Upcoming Updates

Once we’re done with Bumper Cars, we’ve discussed a few updates we have lined up for the near future. These include:

  • SDNL Update (including Announcer Voice Lines)
  • Ball Race: Eruption release
  • Ball Race SDK release
  • Minigolf SDK release

Progress is being made on Dedicated Condos (such as fixing some bugs that have hindered further development) and other backend issues that have been mentioned in the previous Dev Updates! We’ll keep you posted in the Dev Logs as usual.

That’s all for this update, so thank you for reading! See you next time.

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eyo Ballrace SDK sounds like something epic!!


BallRace SDK: Someone is bound to recreate Monkey Ball levels.

Minigolf SDK: I’m looking fore-ward to this. Too bad I’m used to picking and choosing elements from a list (for the rookies at map creating like myself). I hope that’s what you all are doing.

Events: There’s always something going on, which is good. However, I can’t chill to silence. When specific events like Trivia is ongoing, it makes the main menu all silent.

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I am honestly very excited about Monkey Ball levels being recreated, I love the series haha! Really extremely excited about Ball Race SDK + Mini golf SDK cuz that means endless content and that would surely bring in more players and it’d keep us busy as they work on releasing more original stuff!!

I wanna try making some of ball race levels myself as well, it’s gonna be so much fun, oh my god!! i honestly cannot contain my excitement. it’s a HUGE deal!! : D

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