Appreciation thread for the true heroes of Ball Race

Those who can complete Memories when no one else can.

You’re the real MVP.

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Thats me :blush:

I have that achievement! :smile:

…courtesy of other, better Ball Race players… :sweat_smile:

Which achievement we talking about here? :smile:

Beat Memories twice. I had some good people playing with me those rounds, so I can’t really attribute that to my skill.

how about that Beta Midori (or Midori in general, I think it’s much harder than Memories)

Midori was a pain. But i finally completed it.

Uh, I can’t get very far… :pensive:

…to those who can complete it, you are the next real MVPs.

Thats me then of course. The only way i completed it was putting my graphics on the lowest on the last level to stop the bouncing bug. Damn you Foohy it could have been so much easier. Glad that was fixed now though :slight_smile:

also the cumulative lag bug from the cuboids