Application for developer position on old forum

I applied for a developer position, in one of the threads @ old forum, can’t check it for response anymore. I applied under some thread seeking for creative people.

Are any positions still available? I am a unity3d hobbyist developer, more info will be provided in a proper application if requested.

I believe as per the old forum, Pixeltail is no longer looking for staff members at this time.

Since they are an actual company now, it’s possible that they will only start considering looking for applications whenever they have guaranteed Tower Unite’s stability as a product and feel the need to keep expand it future.

I suppose a better option now would be to either train for new skills or trying out creating content for the workshop whenever it comes out.

I have experience, although I can not put it all here, as I am not sure about advertising rules. Hence I mentioned to again list out my experience and show references when requested. Just like how I did the last time in old forum.

I’m pretty sure they aren’t hiring at the moment.
Mac has to manage the funds raised by the Indiegogo so that each employee gets paid from now to March (or around that time). I kind of doubt they have enough money to consider a random guy from a forum.

Read the thread again, as if I ever mentioned about getting paid. Also my very first post will make sense to those who read the Request thread in the old forum, of-course admins know it that it was a request for a volunteer creative position for tower unite, something around that line, for which I applied for a unity dev position.

I hope you know the game uses Unreal Engine 4.

I hope you properly read my threads. Since you have commented on my suggestion thread, I trust that you read the part where I mentioned about Unreal Engine.

Which thread would that be?

Volunteering in established companies are a very big risk too the company for a handful of reasons. It’s not really a question about skill nor experience, but because of the kind of walls and problems that can come from it, even if the people who volunteer have the best intentions they want.

There are a lot of people in this forums that everybody knows that would love to work in the game and even have the skills for it, but the better thing to show the love for the game is really the workshop now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well than I guess I am too late? I applied while it wasn’t a company, now that its a company, we have no chance to work with a game we like?


We actually haven’t been hiring any new developers for over a year now, despite the job application section remaining open.

We have no plans to hire new employees (or contractors or interns) at this time, but if you want to send an official application please do so via email: contact at

Seems like Gmod Tower has raised its status. I feel distant. Thanks, anyway.