Apples to Apples?

I was thinking that maybe there could be a game like Apples to Apples you could buy and play in your suite with friends (or maybe in the arcade).

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Perhaps a Cards Against Humanity? :wink:


Omg best idea ever

But guys, the copyright.

They can just make knock-offs.

True, true.

Or someone on the workshop will.

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Love the idea!

I feel like too many people on these forums feel like if they don’t suggest it here, it won’t ever happen and must be a part of the core game.

I’m not trying to knock anyone but we all gotta remember that Tower is just a coloring book, all the lines are on the page and the community is left to color it in. With the game itself we just have the plaza, condos and a few game worlds. It’s supposed to be left to the workshop/modding community to take the game where they want it, to make it the place they want to come back to. Pixeltail makes the lines and hands us the crayons and pencils and graphite and even pastels or watercolor if you’re into that.

Do I think Apples to Apples is necessary in the core game? No, but it would be fun to have and something I’d subscribe to on the workshop.

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But what about Oranges to Oranges?
But yeah, as Cakemagic said, the core game doesn’t need this. It’s much more feasible as a workshop addon.

Most of the ideas in the suggestions category are.

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Bumping this idea to plug Cardcast.

Cardcast is a game for the Chromecast that is basically CaH or Apples to Apples, but you can also load in custom decks that users have made on the Cardcast site. It is currently integrated with Pretend You’re Xyzzy, an online CaH game. A good idea would be to write a game playable maybe in condos or in the arcade that uses the Cardcast API.

CaH can actually be printed from their website and made into cards for free. They aren’t exactly secret.

Free ≠ Not Copyrighted.
I did check though, and it’s under Creative Commons (use and remix the game for free, can’t sell). Putting this into the game might be an issue since TU is a paid game and doing so may be considered selling CaH illegally.

love the idea.

I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity would be amazing to play in this game. And for copyright, they could call it like Oranges to Oranges or something like that. Maybe Papers against Gamers? I dunno.