Anyone remember this?

Remember the old Gource thing about Gmod tower?

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I feel like I just witnessed the universe being created and life itself start to evolve.


Eyup. The music totally mesmerized me :open_mouth:

I assume this are the Lua classes as they were added in/developed over time?

This is so cool

What I wanna know is if anyone has any remnants of I remember it got taken down and replaced with a gravestone but I think that was taken down too.


Nah, that’s just to sunny.

I’m talking about something from like 2012, it was a ton of soundfiles and stuff that you could plop in your radio or your disco ball.

Had loads of awesome stuff on it, but it was taken down due to a copyright complaint, iirc

I’ve never seen this before and I think I literally just had my mind blown and it was so damn cool.