Anyone here into Rubik's cubes?

There has to be some cubers in the TU fanbase. Speak up! :slight_smile:

This is a derogatory term for us cube people and I demand this post be taken down!

I once got a Rubik’s Cube pet… but I used to punch it everytime with my punchers 'cause I didn’t like it :slight_smile:

Welp, there goes my hopes to meet other speedcubers lol

I named mine Fridrich but I don’t think anyone ever got the joke

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Well thanks to you I now know Ms. Fridrich created a method for speedsolving a Rubik’s Cube :smiley:

This offends me

Na, ive always wanted to try speed-cubing but I haven’t even completed one yet letallown in a record time

I have one.

Wow. 4 years. How did you even find this? Lol. Dude who posted it hasn’t posted since April, though, so he probably won’t even see this. For the sake of contributing something, though, I used to have one and have solved it a few times. Not sure where it is anymore, though. Lol

this has to be the biggest macro i have seen on the forums lol