Anyone got canvas textures? [Texture place]

We really need a place to put all the textures that are good to use for canvas construction somewhere.


I’d suggest a canvas workshop but I’m not sure if the efficiency this would bring could outweigh risks like breaking constructions because images have been changed by the uploader. Also I don’t exactly have a history of opening up well working suggestion threads.

I think that would be good. It would allow uv maps and stuff as well

I’ll start us of. Here are some free-to-use seamless textures I’ve found across various websites and saved for use

outdoor concrete floor


red brick

Ceramic tiles (white)


grass + clovers


cracked ceramic

granite cobblestone

more cobblestone

green wood wall

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navy leather

dark grey leather

brown leather

blue leather

off-white leather

brown leather

tan leather

cork board


more bricks and stone

wood floor


more wood

strong text

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