Any way to change name in backer-related forms?

Hi! I was happy to back Tower Unite, and this was my first time using IndieGogo. I put in my mother’s name in the billing information, not realizing this would show her name in all backer-related forms, both on IndieGogo itself and the Tower Unite backer panel.

I’m aware that the former can’t be changed, but is there a way I can request for the backer name displayed in the backer panel and the game itself to be changed? I’ve tried sending an email to PixelTail’s email, but so far I’ve gotten no response.

I believe if you paid for the perk where your name would be included in the game, you will be given a form for selecting the name you want to show up in the game.

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Here you go.

Email us: contact at

Thank you! I’ve sent an email already, thank you all for such quick responses!