Any plans on making tower express an app?


So I like tower express when I’m in my condo and I do not want to go back and forth on a limb loading for a decent amount of time so is there any plan for this cause on a mobile phone it feels fairly unergonomic if I am being realistic and it feels more suited towards desktop use rather than phone use thank you for reading



…Why do you use your phone for it if it’s not ergonomic? Why not just go to it on your computer?



Because I want to stay in game and I do not like alt tabbing out or shift tabbing constantly in and out of gameplay



Totally agree. I never use Tower Express for this very reason. I’d probably never shop at the stores again if this became an app.



Even if not an app, a mobile version of the website would more than suffice I think.



Oh also i forgot to mention how it is annoying how it is to sign in again and again over and over that’s also a reason I think that this would help out

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I’m thinking this might be better to discuss as an addition after the game’s full 1.0 release. For one, I’m not sure how familiar the devs are with mobile app development. Secondly, it’d no doubt introduce more bugs and potential for exploits in Tower Express. More complex systems = more potential vulnerabilities.

That being said, I think a mobile version of the site would be the way to go like @M2TheT mentioned.



You are right